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"A huge thank you to you and all your team for my beautiful new garden. The birds and insects love it, the neighbours love it and I can’t get enough of it – I think I’d move my bed out there if I could! I’ve already seen jays and blackbirds splashing about in the pond and lots of bees having a drink. And on Saturday I’m pretty sure I saw more butterflies in one day than in the whole of last summer, including two I’d never seen before outside of a magazine."

Clare, Clifton,Bristol


If you’re this side of the Mendips, you must drop by and see your hard efforts. It’s all looking very abundant and impressive.  

Yes, I love the garden!

Maggie, Wells.

I am absolutely delighted with all the work in the garden.

This is something I have always wanted to do.  It all looks so cared for and already some of the seeds are beginning to show.  The tubs on the patio also provide that extra interest.   So…all in all… I’m a very happy bunny!

You, and your “merry men” were a delight to have around. Always considerate and worked with enthusiasm. Please thank them for me.

Gabrielle, Winford.

Thought you might be interested to know that your pond has naturalised very quickly; we have lots of frogs and a dragonfly lava crawled over my hand recently. Only too delighted if you wish to come and see.  

Jenny, Chew Stoke.

I do so much appreciate the hard work you, Rob and Dom put in to turn what was a depressing eyesore into an actual ‘garden’.

Eileen, St Anne’s, Bristol

Gardens for wildlife - Designed for you